Superior Fire Protection Service in Rockland County, NY

Protect the sizable investment in your business with a fire protection service in Rockland County, NY. When you consider what you have housed in your building, you’ll know being prepared is as good as having insurance coverage. Look to Campbell Fire Protection Inc for essential products, services, and systems.

We can help you choose the fire protection equipment that your operation in Rockland County, NY, needs. From extinguishers to sprinklers to a fire suppression system, our company provides effective products, as well as installation services.

What Your Business Needs

Get in touch with us to talk about your operation and what is necessary to warn your employees of danger. Let us provide you with installation, maintenance, and monitoring. You want your people ready to take the right action, whether it is to evacuate the building or break the glass of the nearest extinguisher.

In business since 1937, we have in-depth knowledge of fire prevention and suppression. Sometimes, water is not the best option to put out ablaze. This is why we offer clean agents and industrial dry chemical systems to deal with sensitive equipment or hazardous materials. In addition to all of this, we also offer fire extinguisher inspections in NYC.

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